The concept of updating democracy occurred to me recently.
Our present form of democracy, the four-year mandate 
- a president-for-4-years - was established at the end of 
the 18th century. 
At the end of the 18th century, it took 4 weeks to cross 
the Atlantic ocean. 
The same trip, today, takes 4 hours. Things speeded up, a 
tad, since.
But democracy - politics - remain stuck in the 18th century.
Had the founding fathers forseen the acceleration of life, 
they would have, surely, provided a periodic update amendment. 
But the illusion of permanence - which is vital to our physical 
survival - had prevented them from doing so. 
To bring politics truly in line with communicatons and all the 
other sciences - according to the above ratio of acceleration - 
Every 9th day.
This, of course, is an optimal figure which wont be reached till 
the system becomes totally automatic. 
For the time being, I propose a 40-week (9-month) mandate, with no 
campaignig allowed. 
The government stands or falls by it's deeds.
You'd be amazed at the tremendous amount of positive, 
relevancelevating legislation, that an eager-to-please government 
is able to implement, within nine months.
Nine months - as we know - is long enough to achieve something meaningful, 
but it's short enough to vote you out before you do too much harm. 
The voters wont forget lies &/or mistakes, while it's still fresh on 
their minds. 
Whereas, in 4 years, even murder & genocide lapses, these days.
A president-for-9-months - at the beginning of the 21st century - 
should return to the people, approximately, the same degree of 
control over their government that the 4-year mandate represented at 
the end of the 18th century.* 
Accelerating democracy, essentially, ressurrects the government 
OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people, instead of the 
- presently prevailing - government(s) OF the money-elite, BY clowns, 
dummies & thugs, FOR exploitative, alien interests.

* The president may be re-nominated, not twice, but - not neccessarily 
  consecutively - eleven (11) times.

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