**    *WELCOME    *TO    *    *KELEND�R    **    *

Every month is April and each day is Thursday.

One KELEND�R Year = 12 Months of 30 days.
  Each month is divided into 6(Six) Fives. (5-day weeks). 
Twelve(12) Months = 72(SeventyTwo) Fives = 360 Days. 

Every 4th year is Bleep Year, when one or 
more day(s) is/are bleeped. Consequently, 
the Bleep Year may vary, in length, from 
0(zero) to 359 days.

Each 11th(Eleventh) year is Sleep Year, when 
it does not matter howmany days there are. 

There are Two(2) Holidays: April 1; New Years Day 
and April-2 12; John Christopher Kuelbuel Day. Celebrated 
by baking little cakes, shaped like kuelbuels. 

There is no Christmas. Santa visits every night, however.

Remember,    this    is    the    place    to    visit    when    you    forget    what    day    of    the    Five    it    is!

if you wish for more KELENDÅR holidays 
(or other changes to the KELENDÅR), 
we'll be happy to create them for you. 

KELENDÅR intends to challenge the "illusion of 
permanence" upon which, traditional time-reckoning 
systems are based.
The illusion of permanence is vital to our 
day-to-day physical survival. 
However, it's transference into the realms of art, 
mythology and science, leaves humanity totally 
unprepared for change. 
And being unprepared for change 
is the cause of all calamities.

KELENDÅR aims to encourage change by anticipating, 
welcoming and influencing it.

There's been some confusion caused by the KELENDÅR's 
superficial similarities to the Gregorian &/or 
Julian time-reckoning systems.
Those similarities have been eliminated from 
- or revealed in - our Third(3d) Edition.

KELENDÅR is a flexible, user-friendly, 
easily adaptable, hands-on system.

The beginning; 
Day One (the First day) of the KELENDÅR 
- April 1 / 01 - 
corresponds to February 2 /1968, Gregorian.

Today's KELENDÅR date is April-8 2 / 41. 
(Oct.4 / 2008, Gregorian) 

* OiTH *


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