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One KELENDÅR-year = Thirteen(13) months of 28 days, each. 
Divided into fifty two(52) seven-day weeks = 364 days.

There are no holidays. Yet.

Every 9th year is Bleep-year, when One(1) - or more - day(s) is/are bleeped. 
Consequently, the Bleep-year may be from 0(zero) to 363 days long.
Every 11th year is Sleep-year when it does not matter howmany days there are. 

There's been some confusion caused / created by the KELENDÅR's superficial 
similarities to the Gregorian &/or Julian time-reckoning systems.

Those similarities have been eliminated from &/or 
revealed in, our Third Edition.

KELENDÅR intends to challenge the illusion of permanence, 
upon which traditional time-reckoning systems are based.
The illusion of permanence is vital to our day-to-day 
physical survival. 
It's transference into the realms of religion, art and science 
however, leaves humanity totally unprepared for change. 

And being unprepared for change is the reason / cause 
of all that ails our civilization(s).

KELENDÅR aims to encourage change by anticipating and welcoming it.

KELENDÅR is a flexible, user-friendly, easily adaptable 
hands-on system.

KELENDÅR is individual; Ball 1 - the beginning(first day) of 
KELENDÅR - is always the birthday of the person using it.


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